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This photo was taken prior to our February 11, 2006 auction.

Navajo blankets sold well, with one example at $3,250.00.



192 registered bidders participated in the auction.

Our January 2006 Book Auction included more than 400 numbered boxes of books, plus 100 individual selections.


This view of our recent Breweriana auction was taken just prior to the doors opening to the public.  The Thursday evening auction for the Donald Hrdlicka collection exceeded all expectations.  Several rare signs including a Hamm's Beer with a moving scene and a Budweiser revolving Clydesdale sign exceeded $1000.



John Deere Seat, Cast Iron   $250


Cat-Tex Clock  $310

Description:   Description:

Advertising Velie Stick Pin  $3500



Sure Shot Store Tobacco Tin  $675


Norfolk Mills Flour Sifter   $35


Salesman Sample Wagon Box - $1100


Early Roasted Coffee Bin  $400


Nash Porcelain Sign With Damage       $1500


1904 John Deere Pocket Ledger       $360

Description: recentrobinhood.jpg (37546 bytes)

Robin Hood
Shell Box

Description: recentplug.jpg (48999 bytes)

Spark Plug Sign

Description: recentredwhite.jpg (39558 bytes)

Red and White
Coffee Pot

Description: recentstove.jpg (57251 bytes)

Toy Stove

Description: recenthobel1.jpg (50249 bytes)     Description: recenthobel2.jpg (36921 bytes)

Sponge Band Bowl - Hobel Brothers, Leigh, NE - $850

Description: recentihhat.jpg (25338 bytes)

IH Straw Hat

Description: recentsleepystein.jpg (27999 bytes)

Sleepy Eye
Cobalt Stein

Description: recentwaconda.jpg (30131 bytes)

Water Jug

Description: recenthires.jpg (40523 bytes)

Hires RootBeer

Description: recentcakeplate.jpg (27969 bytes)

Sponge Band
Cake Plate

Description: recentfrontier.jpg (33434 bytes)

Frontier Diesel
Gas Globe
with one lens
Description: recentsignone.jpg (25214 bytes)
Mobiloil Porcelain
Sign on Base
Description: recentkamo.jpg (51534 bytes)

Kamo Spice
"Pure Orange Extract"
Bottle with Box
Description: recentjdeere.jpg (12595 bytes)
John Deere
Tractor Umbrella


Description: recentax.jpg (41012 bytes)

John Deere Ax

Description: recentjjcase.jpg (29999 bytes)
Steam Engine
Description: recentmocs.jpg (35368 bytes)
Description: recenthelmet.jpg (18926 bytes)
Prussian Helmet
Description: recentprestone.jpg (23184 bytes)
Prestone Thermometer
Description: recentskelly.jpg (30725 bytes)

Skelly Oil
Hand Fan

Description: recenteecrock.jpg (16988 bytes)

8-Gallon Elephant Ear Crock

Description: recentlamp.jpg (22065 bytes)


Description: recentradio.jpg (27319 bytes)

Dr. Pepper Radio
Description: recentquaker.jpg (15898 bytes)

Quaker State Oil
Description: recenttray.jpg (27922 bytes)
Sioux City Beer Tray



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